After a month

Hello all my dear friends!

I am really sorry that I have abandoned you for all this time, plus I’m afraid I’ll have to keep like this for at least a few weeks more.  As expressed before, I had to work on my PhD and had to travel to Mexico. I am currently at my home city, and I am supposed to start with some field work needed for my dissertation. I am to begin at any time, sadly it has been like this for a few weeks now. I am starting to get desperate, but at least things are moving.

On the other hand, I do have some news to share, but I will have to keep them for a little while. On the mean time please be patient with me. I promise I’ll be back writing to you about all the delicacies I have.

I want to thank a few kind readers who have nominated to the Versatile Blogger Award. I promise to soon do everything I should soon! Please don’t be mad with me…


I apologize

Hello dear friends,

I know I haven’t been writing much lately, but between Holy week and some other Holidays, plus I do have to start working more on my PhD, and it’s all driving me crazy! Well… Ok, I confess, I was a bit crazy already.

Now I don’t know if I am disappointing anyone or if it’s just a personal feeling. I will continue sharing my food stories, but I guess it won’t be an everyday thing as I have been doing for the first month. However, I do believe I will get back to writing more as soon as I have more advances on my dissertation.

Additionally, I have now on hold the Jamie Oliver Challenge. The main reason for this is that I just came to realize that I will be after all attending one of my friend’s wedding on a near trip to Mexico.  I am afraid my dress won’t zip up unless I loose 9 pounds! I’m a bit scared, but I do have two months to diet and exercise.

I guess this is about it for now, hope you all understand and don’t give up on me!

Take care everyone!!


50th follower!

Wow! I was surprised, happy and flattered to see this notification today! I am really grateful that someone would be interested in reading my crazy food adventures.

Thanks all of you for reading, and to russelskitchen for being the lucky 50, you are the winner of my greatest and most grateful thank you!