Pannenkoek is Dutch for pancake

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Traveling is my second favorite activity after eating. Although, I must say I’m getting confused at this moment…. maybe my favorite activity is eating while traveling. Tasting new stuff is also my thing! Anyway… getting prepared to a trip to Amsterdam I read about the dutch pancakes.  Apparently they were really something special, and all the people living in Holland eat them regularly. So, as soon as I landed, I was looking forward the famous sweet!

We were expecting to see pancake places everywhere… like hot-dog sales on NY or taco spots in every Mexican city.  We didn’t see any.  Kind of sad, we went and picked our Citypass which included, among others a cruise.  Heartbroken we decided to look around.  We got into one of the most hilarious adventures! It was not the boat ride, but talking to an old dutch couple who spoke almost no english. Somehow, we managed to chat, and the man suddenly pointed at another boat. His eyes sparkled before saying it was the Pannenkoek boot! We didn’t want to get on yet another boat, so instead we asked him to point in our map for a good pannenkoek place.

So we landed at The Pancake Bakery. They had a rather extensive menu, which included sweet and salty pancakes.  Everything looked really interesting.  I decided on the nordic pancake while Hubby asked for a banana something one.  Mine was really good, served with salmon and cream cheese.  I cannot say the same for the other, it was just too much for me.  It has bananas, whipped cream, ice cream and sugar. But, I must say my husband (who is a sugar addict) really loved it! The service was really nice, and the prices were not that high. The best part was that… surprise suprise! While sitting there planning for the next place to visit we found a discount coupon in the city pass for the place!

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