Happy ending


Hubby was planning where to go on Sunday since last week. He decided we were going to see the Ujarras ruins, go have lunch at a place where one catches their own trout and eat dessert at the Coffee Plantation Restaurant. So after breakfast and getting ready, we got into the car and off we went.  He was really happy to see that the construction in the highway were done and traffic was not that bad.  However, when we were getting close to Cartago, a small town we had to drive through, there were a lot of cars “parked” on the streets.  I started looking around and saw a large group of horses, more than a 1000 easily, and so got to the conclusion that there was going to be what the Ticos call Tope, a horse parade where all you see are horses walking.


Given that Hubby was hungry, the amount of cars and horses got on his nerves, so we decided to give a u-turn and drive back home.  On our way back, he kept asking me where I wanted to go, but I had absolutely no idea. I started giving ideas with the help of a webpage that presents “all” the restaurants in Costa Rica, but he was not happy with the results. He then proposed to go to… McDonald’s. I was not very happy with his suggestion, but decided discussing the idea was going to be a waste of time.


Getting in McDonald’s was a triumph. There were about 20 cars making a line for the Auto-Mac. The parking lot was completely full, and people were walking all around to get to their cars.  Once inside, I sat on one of the few tables that were free, and waited for Hubby to bring the food. After setting the food on the table, he went to get the beverages and ketchup. I sat looking at the fries and noticed that the big fries are a waste of money given that the amount of fries was exactly the same as the medium ones. The nuggets were good, crispy and hot. Now, this is not our first trip to MD, so I do have to warn you… if you want to eat there, you have to make sure the place is packed and there is a long line to order. In this way, you are sure you are getting fresh food just made, otherwise, they may give you a hamburger that has been sitting there for hours.

After lunch, we crossed the street to see puppies at the pet store, but here were none! I was kind of sad given that since I can’t have a dog at home because of the building’s policy, I like to at least look at them… After this third disappointment, we went to our car. I was still hungry… Hubby made a last suggestion; let’s go with the french guy he said.

I was so excited by the fact that I am sure my eyes glowed.  We got to Chez Christophe in about 4 minutes. We sat on a table at the terrace and enjoyed the good weather while waiting for the waiter. He soon came and asked our beverage orders; we both asked for tea. The waiter brought the tea box so we could choose. I picked a strawberry-mango infusion while Hubby grabbed a digestive tea.

I then proceeded to the counter, where my dreams came true. I couldn’t decide on what to order. I was hoping for a pain au chocolat, but true to be told once I was standing looking at all the desserts I completely forgot about it. I was supposed to go back to my sit and order the pastries, but I couldn’t help it, I had been seduced by the sweet looks of everything that was standing under the lights.  I asked the girl for a lemon pie and an apple tart.


When Hubby saw my happy face while holding a plate, he decided to do the same.  He came back with a moccha cake, a three chocolate cake and a fruit pie. Now, don’t be shocked, all this delicious treats are made mini-size. It’s not like we ate a huge piece of each. It all looked lovely. I first had a try of Hubby’s choices… they were all really good, specially the moccha cake which had the perfect combination between the sweetness of chocolate and the bitterness of coffee.  The three chocolate cake was a bit too much for me, but Hubby loved it. And the fruit tart was tasty, sweet and just in the right size.

As for my pastries… the lemon pie was really delicious. The filling was soft, the bottom crust crispy. The taste of the lemon was enhanced by the sweetness of the crust. Mmmm, super good! The tart was even better, it was sweet, creamy, buttery and crunchy. It was the best of the best… just sublime! I think that a trip to Costa Rica wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have a taste of this lovely sweet pieces of heaven. So don’t forget to visit Chez Christophe if you come visit… it is located just across the west side of Paco commercial center.

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The perfect treat

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I think food is one of the best ways celebrate. Weather a birthday, a promotion or just a happy day. Eating is also sometimes the way in which we help ourselves through sad moments. If the day is to sunny: food, rainy: food, cold: food! We should be careful no to over do it though! One doesn’t want food to become a health problem.

There is a special food that goes with every mood. Ice cream! I didn’t use to love ice cream when I was growing up. I felt like it was too cold, too sweet and generally too much! Somehow getting to my third decade (not there yet, but close) has changed my point of view about many things… among them the super sweet ice cream.

Pops is a famous ice cream shop in Costa Rica. You see it everywhere. I had not fallen for Pops, though. Keeping my self away from the shop was kind of hard. I felt like I was surrounded! I was really successful until Hubby got home one day craving for ice cream! Oh no! Off we went.  We arrived to the nearest Pops. He asked for a scoop on a cone. I tasted it, it was delicious. I didn’t ask for my own, I was still trying to resist. Something did catch my eye though… the Banano Hawaiiano (hawaiian banana) it was so big, I decided not to.

My resistance didn’t last long after that though! I went back to Pops, and I total felt for it! I had the attractive Banano Hawaiiano, which proved to be the perfect way to get addicted. Made with a serving of three ice cream scoops: strawberry, orange and pinapple. Then a layer of banana. On the top a big scoop of banana ice cream. As if not enough, everything is topped with fruit mermelade.

This sugar bomb, an absolute danger to diabetics, is extremely delicious! Lucky me I had someone to share it with! No, it was not Hubby, but Mom who was for a visit. It was too much, and yet we ate it happily as if it was close to nothing. It was awesome! Every single flavor was unique, with a soft taste that was delicious. The banana ice cream had its flavor enhanced by the fruit marmalade. Every spoonful was heavenly!

Dad had a pistachio and passionfruit icecream while Hubby asked for a caramel shake. They were both happy and quite unwilling to share… can you blame them?

Don’t forget to try POPS whenever you visit Costa Rica, there are so many of them, you won’t miss one!

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