Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am really honored to have been presented with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Cold Dead Heart’s. I’ve never would have guessed I had made an impact on someone writing about food, but it was so nice to know that by sharing my food experience I can also share a bit of joy. Cold Dead Heart’s blog has been for me an escape way from daily life, an inspiration and even a good laugh. Thank you for all the beautiful photographs you share everyday!

So now, following the award’s rules I will unveil seven interesting things about me and pass the award to seven fellow bloggers…

1. I think love is not the sudden feeling of butterflies in your stomach, but an intense feeling that includes the acceptance of someone’s flaws because their virtues are so much more valuable.

2. I like to help people without them knowing.

3. I know being lonely doesn’t mean you are alone.

4. I think trust is the base of every relationship, and once lost it is very difficult to have it back.

5. I am not a huge fan of sport, but once won a tennis tournament. Fell in love with tennis and then had to quit because of a knee injury.

6. My grandmother is my favorite person in the world.

7. I married my best friend.

The new seven recipients…

Bucket list Publications – an interesting online magazine which was born as a place to share the experiences of a young couple who now turned their blog into a place where not only them but everyone can share. But, what I find really inspiring is their helping other to fulfill bucket list dreams.

The Blissful Adventurer – with his catchy stories, beautiful photos and even insight sharing, I’ve been made aware that people around the world sometimes have a lot in common.

Chocolates & Raspberries – this fellow blogger has a high sense of fashion, but also a lot of common sense. Her posts bring me back to life and some times even makes me think of really important forgotten subjects.

Munchow’s Creative Photo Blog – his work is just something that brings you back to Earth.

Memoirs of an Amateur Chef – a lovely blog that really makes me want to move to England and eat all I see posted, or just run to my kitchen to cook what she does.

Domestic Diva, MD – a doctor who loves cooking and shares funny and interesting stories that sometimes make me think of the important.

God’s Healing Plants – the sharing of all the goodness in natural food and even new ways (at least for me) of how to use them is completely inspiring!

5 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. First of all congratulations with the award. That is awesome. And then thank you so much for passing it on to me. I am deeply honoured. Let me just add that I like you seven facts – they hold a lot of insight to what life is all about – at least the four first facts.

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