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Last Friday for the first time since I got here, I went out with some friends whom I met all by myself! Given the other friends I’ve got I met through my husband, which is kind of weird given that he is not the social kind… anyway, it was about 2 weeks ago that I went to the concert of one of my Mexican favorite singers. He had not been in CR for 9 years, and I had not seen him for 6 because of different things that happened while I was back in my home country. Anyway, I met the girls by mere chance.  We were both originally sitting in different places, but were moved because a bad planning had left us without view.  So, on our new seats we were together and had a nice chat…

After talking for a couple of days, we decided to go have dinner last friday. The chosen place is a Café Mundo, a popular restaurant located downtown. We were meeting there at the early time of 7 pm… early for me, but I think a nice time for ticos.  Because of the traffic I got late, but don’t worry, I did call ahead to let my friends know.  Part of the heavy transit was caused by the fact that it was friday and pay day just the day before, but there was also a concert being held on the Sabana Park. Thousands of people, including a bunch of teenagers were walking around the streets nearby, it was crazy!

Thus, when I got to the place my two friends were already there! As soon as I got there, we ordered dinner.  This was perfect timing because I had eaten a tiny lunch, knowing that I would have dinner early. One of the girls ordered some mushroom stuffed with ricotta as an appetizer and a Ceasar’s salad. The second friend had tilapia with vegetables and rice. I myself had a ribeye with mashed potatoes and a small round zucchini stuffed with vegetables.

© mylunchanddinner

© mylunchanddinner

The mushrooms were good, I think that their flavor would have been better if they had spiced it up a little and added some salt.
However, my friends agreed they were really good. My friends ate their dishes happily. The Caesar’s salad looked really good with a generous portion of lettuce, croutons and parmesan cheese. The tilapia was served so nicely that I almost felt sad when it was eaten! I am not a huge fan of it, but I must confess it caught my eye.

As for my food… the meat was cooked rather well. The gravy it had over it was tasty, but I think a little more would have been great. I was definitely not a fan of the stuffed zucchini.  The vegetables lacked flavor, and they almost looked as if they were frozen! The zucchini was undercooked, so it was kind of difficult to eat, and to glue everything together they had used cheese, but it lacked flavor as well! I think that using a good quality cheese with lots of flavor, perhaps a piece of parmesan, would have just made everything better. Now, what was definitely good was the mashed potatoes. The potatoes were just a bit after cooked, and they had chunks on it, which I always find interesting. It was blended with what seemed wild mushrooms, which gave it a really special taste! Overall, the dish was good, but the mashed potatoes were really special!

My friends did order desserts, but I forgot to photograph them! I’m really sorry, because I know that is what most people love to see… Anyway, one of friends ordered a strawberry cheese cake, which was really good. The flavor was soft and tasteful. My second friend ordered a chocolate thing which I can’t remember the name!!! I can tell you though it started with a B, and it contained three of what I can confirm are some of the most sinful chocolate layers! It was something to die for! Fortunately, I was completely full, otherwise I would have ordered one for myself!

After eating, the chatting was so nice, that we stayed there until after the closing time! I had to call my husband and urge him to get there before we were taken to the street! (don’t forget I still have no car)… What a fun night!

Hope you enjoyed reading about it!!

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Under the sea!

Last Sunday we had lunch at the yummy restaurant Kiantis. The place is located in Belén, San José. It is a palapa-like restaurant with open windows.  The weather was really warm, so the fast moving fans were appreciated.

When we got there, the place was really crowded, given it was 2 pm, Sunday´s lunch time.  We decided to seat on a table on the center of the place where we could take a look al around.  The girl serving our table was very nice and polite.  She took our drink order.  I asked for a lemonade while my husband requested an orange-carrot “fresco”, the costarican term for a natural blended drink.  Both were really good, though a bit warm.  It was not such a big deal since we asked for some ice cubes.

For lunch, I ordered a seafood broth and sea-bass with garlic sauce.  My husband had the seafood dish with rice and mashed potatoes. The service was a bit slow, probably because the place was almost full.  The broth was brought first; it was so hot that I’m pretty sure it was made at the moment the order was put in. The taste was delicious! It had lots of fish, shrimp and shellfish.  Octopus was scarce in the broth which was perfect for me!

At the exact moment I was done with the broth, the main course was brought to us.  The sea-bass was very well cooked, and the steamed vegetables served with it were just cooked.  I added some lemon to the vegetables for a better taste.  I didn’t have any of the seafood platter, but my husband said it was yummy! And I bet it was, he left absolutely nothing on the plate!

We were completely full when we were done, so we didn’t taste the desserts.  We did catch a glimpse when they were being served and looked ok.

Although we only had seafood, their menu is quite extensive and it includes steak, chicken and pasta.