I’m back!



I’m back… not from outer space, but from what was the longest, hardest and happiest year! I had a beautiful baby on December 2012, plus I was finishing my PhD, I think some of my darling friends and followers might remember.

So, I am finally a Doctor in Engineering. A great achievement, specially because I was a stay-at-home mom/student working on my dissertation. It was really hard to raise a little baby with terrible cholic while making a bunch of mathematical calculations, new statistical proceses on my fields, but somehow I managed to survive! Yey!

So, I haven’t been taking photos of my food recently, but I promise I will again soon! I will love to share my insight on restaurants I have visited, and yummy recipes!

I have to tell you though… I have changed my eating habbits during the weekdays, and I eat healthy, but still delicious. Don’t worry! I still eat lots of really good stuff on the weekends, and I will tell you all about it!

Hope you enjoy reading my posts again!