A little place close to heaven, part 1


I feel like it’s been a long time since I wrote something! I have been really busy with my PhD things, plus there was a Holiday in Costa Rica, so I was distracted by the good looks of Hubby…

Today, I will let you into the wonderful world located in a small café located in North-East Portland.  I first met this place thanks to my Mexican friend who adores to look for new places to eat. She is such a foodie, just like me. I think that is why we became instant friends the day we met. Anyway, on the day I first met here husband she had brought a printout of a place she had found on the internet.

We went there after lunch to get some yummy dessert since she said the place was perfect for sweets. Turns out the place was perfect for sweets, breakfast, lunch and just having a food ecstasy. I went there so many times that the waiters and waitresses knew me, and one of my dearest PDX’ friends liked to say it was “my place”. They even jokingly said: where did she go for lunch this weekend? I guess she went to La Petite Provence. They all still say that every time they visit my place they remember me, and even the Mexican waitress asks for me!

La Petite has four locations in Oregon, but I always went to the one located in Alberta St. This place was within a 15 minute walk from my house, which was good for two reasons. On the one hand, it was near enough that I could go often without paying for any transportation and on the other hand I felt like I was exercising myself and I had the right to eat anything I wanted. The combined result of this last idea with my constant visits to the place of course lead to the gain of 4 pounds in two months, but who cares?

On my first visit, I had a blueberry tart which was super delicious. Unfortunately, since it was the first time I saw my friend’s husband I didn’t take a photo. I can tell you however, that the taste was the best! While sitting on my table, I had a look at everything they were serving, so I decided I would go soon to have some breakfast.

I convinced my English roommate to accompany me on the Petite breakfast adventure.  We arrived at a very busy hour, so we had to wait for 45 minutes to get a table! It was a terrible wait, but it was totally worth it. Our table was on the mezzanine, which gave us a nice look to all the tables downstairs. We were looking at the plates and reading the menus to see what everything was. My friend finally decided on Brie Sausage Scramble while I asked for the Risotto Cakes and Eggs. As if the food was not enough, you can ask for croissant, sour dough bread or toast with jam. We both ordered croissants.

I didn’t get to try my friend’s food, but she said it was really tasty. She emphasized on the fact that the eggs were served over a piece of bread which was humidified with the juices of the egg which made it really good.  Her plate had potatoes and butter squash as compliments, which she said were really good.


As for my Risotto Cakes and Eggs… what can I tell you? A year after I still remember them. My grief is such that I constantly tell my husband we should go to Portland. He makes fun of me saying I only want to go there to eat. The cakes were made with risotto, of course, bacon, asparagus and cream. The patties were fried to gain color and then placed in the oven. They were served with benedict eggs on top. Now, you have to know I HATE benedict eggs and their general look. However, this eggs over this risotto cakes are something else. The look delightful, the smell enchanting, the taste sublime. I have never ever in my life had a breakfast as tasty as this. Perhaps the reason why I constantly returned to eat them, any time… The risotto cakes were served with potatoes and butter squash. Given the fact that I dislike butter squash I changed both for hash browns… they were not only tasty but crunchy! Mmmm, my mouth is getting watery and more watery by the word.

Oh! I almost forgot! We got our croissants before the food came. They were freshly made and hot from the oven! They tasted really nice, and the strawberry jam with which they were served was really something. Yum yum! I dream of La petite provence!

I’ll tell you all about other food served in this place later, I promise. On the mean time I hope you enjoyed this story =).

©mylunchanddinner 2012

Birthday feast, part 1


Yesterday was my feared 30th birthday. To start the celebration we decided breakfast was the best idea. I wanted to go to a place called the Waffle Place or to a french café called Chez Christophe.  However, I came to realize a few days ago that this being Holy Week in a country in which Catholicism is no only the major religion in the country, but the official religion, Thursday and Friday are Holidays.

I was surprised and shocked to learn that most of the restaurants are closed on these two Holy days. Stores are closed as well, and cinemas open really late.  I find it really strange that people get free time, but then have nothing to do if they stay in town. Plus, if you decide to take a trip to the beach, everything is so packed that it is crazy.


Given the ways things were turning out, I had to settle for what was open. Thus, going to Denny’s for breakfast was pretty much all we could do. We yesterday decided to get up early. The fact that breakfast dishes are huge at Denny’s and our lunch plans at 1:30 with our Mexican friends made it imperative to have empty stomachs in a short time.  So, by 9 we were on the move and on our way to having breakfast.

We got there at the right time. Just as we got seated a bunch of people showed up. I was really happy we didn’t have to wait for a table. As we were looking at the menus, I received the call that I most expect every year. My grandmother called, sang happy birthday both in Spanish and English and sent me all her blessings and love.  It always touches me how much Grannie loves me, and I treasure every opportunity I have to talk to her.

© mylunchanddinner

After the call, I asked for my first Bday feast… belgian waffles, bacon, eggs over-easy and a side of hash-browns (potatoes are my greatest weakness) and orange juice.  Hubby ordered what he thought was a normal sized breakfast… not! He ordered a Hearty breakfast, which I have to say is not hearty at all! Scrambled eggs with bacon, potatoes, spinach and cheddar cheese with a side of hashbrown, bacon, sausage and two pancakes! All this with orange juice of course!

He didn’t realize the portion size until his food arrived.  It looked really good, but I have to say it was a Monster Breakfast. The smell was so good that I felt like the food was asking to be tasted. And so I did. The eggs had a delicious taste, certainly one couldn’t expect less of such a fatty dish. I didn’t try the pancakes, but Hubby did say the ones I make are better… I have to thank Nigella for that.

My breakfast contrasted with the look of his (as you can see). The eggs looked kind of sad. However, the were cooked just to the point I love.  The yolks were soft, so I could happily pour them on a spoon and eat them with a bit of salt.  Which now that I am writing sounds really gross when it is quite enjoyable.  My waffles were really good, but I think they could have been browned a bit for a more interesting look and a crunchier taste.  I was really disappointed that there was no honey to be served and had to manage with just maple syrup.


All in all it was good, but too much food, luckily we could as for our left over to go. We left happily satisfied and started getting our tummy ready for our next meal…

© mylunchanddinner 2012