Red Valentine’s cupcakes for any time!

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Last month I was thinking, what to make as a gift for Valentine’s Day for my husband?  I figured I needed to bake something red.  I started looking all around the internet and found multiple recipes: red velvet cupcake, red velvet multilayer cake, red velvet cookies, red whoopie pies, strawberry stuff, and a big list of etc! I read and read, until finally I got to a recipe that caught my attention at  I always read the comments though, just to make sure what I’m about to bake is good.

Turns out there was a huge, and I mean super long, posting of a woman who claimed she had made the red velvet cupcakes a couple of times and had managed to make them even better.  Of course I wanted to try something good that was turned out better, so I read here ingredient list.  I had most of them in my kitchen, but there were a few things I needed to buy.  Among them butter milk.  Buttermilk? What the hell is that? I thought… perhaps I just have to melt butter and pour it inside the milk. No, that didn’t sound right, so I immediately googled…oh my good friend google! He is always there to help, or is it she?

So, I found that buttermilk is not actually milk with butter but sour milk! Disgusting! I remember once in Amsterdam I decided to eat some cereal that I had been traveling with, so I went to a corner store and bought what I thought was cold milk… needless to say I almost got sick. Anyway… I didn’t want to buy a whole carton of sour milk, so I googled again. Turns out you can make your own butter milk by adding two teaspoons of lemon juice (fresh) on a measuring cup and then filling it (the cup) with milk till you reach 1/2. Then, you let it stand for about half an hour and voilà!

Ok, so… the missing ingredients. I put on my tennis shoes and went to the grocery store. I bought everything, and came back home.  I followed the “Carrot top mom” recipe.  I tasted the batter and it was yummy! I had decided to make mini-muffins, but by looking at the mix I realized it would take me forever to bake everything, so instead I made a bunch of mini-muffins (48) and a four layered heart-shaped cake. For the cake, I baked two hearts, cut them in half and put a bit of the creamy frosting the recipe calls for in between, then finished all with more frosting. On the top I added semi-sweet Hershey’s chocolate chips for decoration. This turned out really good because it balanced the sweet taste of the cake and frosting.

I must confess that I didn’t follow the recipe to the dot. Originally I thought I had enough sugar, so I didn’t buy a new pack.  Unfortunately that was not the case, specially since I never buy confectioners sugar (needed for the frosting) but instead make it myself in the blender.  But it was nothing to worry about… I used 2 cups of sugar for the cake (instead of 2 1/14) and 14 oz of confectioners sugar for the frosting (recipe called for 16).

Now, about the important part…It all came out to be delicious! My husband was really happy with his gift. It lasted for about a week, since it was too much cake for just the two of us.  I continuously ate cupcakes and pieces of the cake. This was one of those times something was so good, it is actually bad, for my belly anyway! Bake this super yummy cupcakes for any special time!

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