Juicy juice


I know I just said I’m not writing that much in search of devoting more time to my PhD… but I’m already here and I’d like to share with you my story of the best breakfast I’ve had.

Definitely, some of my best food stories go back to lovely Madrid. This is one of those stories. It was an early morning, maybe not that early, Hubby and I were starving. Most of the restaurants were closed. We walked along Calle Mayor and then took the diagonal to the Plaza Mayor, one of the most famous squares. We got there and saw that only two places were open, Museo del Jamón being one of them. We continued wondering around, and went downstairs towards the place where the Mesones are. We walked up the street and got to a magical place called Mercado de San Miguel. Magical, of course, as most of you know by my posting by now, relating to the fact that there was a lot of glorious food there.

We walked around, and were kind of disappointed to see that the food there was mainly composed of tapas. There was however a small post that sold fresh juices. We went there and watched while the girl made a couple of juices for some people there. After careful consideration, we decided to get a juice and then return to Museo del Jamón for breakfast.


Patiently waiting in line, Hubby and I were studying the possible ingredients. When it was our turn, the girls told us that we could select just fresh orange juice (OJ) or a mixture of OJ with a number of other fruits. Hubby ordered a juice composed of OJ, banana and strawberry, while I selected grapes, mango and OJ. The girl added a few ice cubes and sugar for Hubby’s, splenda for mine. Each juice was blended for about a minute and served on covered glasses.  They were both really tasty, cool and of course super fresh. Plus, I think really healthy.

We then went back to the plaza and sat happily at the Museo del Jamón. Now, I first thought they might say we couldn’t bring beverages from another place, but they didn’t say anything. Thus, this is of course a first positive point for them. We then read the menu, it was full of interesting choices… second point. After careful studying, Hubby selected a complete breakfast which included two fried eggs, bacon, toast and strawberry jam, plus an orange juice! I ordered what look as a tasty egg and ham sandwich, it included tea.


When they brought the food, I was really excited. My sandwich looked just so cute with the egg yolk showing out a tiny whole made on the top bread. It tasted really good as well, I was enchanted! Hubby’s breakfast was not that bad either. He said it was tasty and he enjoyed the bacon that came along with it. And yes, he had his market juice, plus the orange juice included on his dish.

We were so happy with the results we repeated this combination for almost the entire stay there!

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Olé! Paella!

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Today I’m not eating out, so I thought sharing about a restaurant aboard would be nice…

If you ever travel to Madrid make sure to visit one of my favorite restaurants, Paella Real. I found this place about 10 years ago, on my first trip to Spain. I had been visiting the royal palace with my parents, and we were walking around the Plaza de Oriente which is full with marble statues around one of king Phillip IV. We were starving! My dad wanted to stick to a downtown place since it was our first day there, and he wanted to see all the places he and my mother had loved when they lived there 20 years before. As we were heading west, we saw the place.  It is located in the heart of the city just crossing a small street next to the Opera House and a few steps away from the Palacio Real and the Almudena Cathedral.

The Place is rather small with just a few tables and very simple looking. What is definitely not simple is the food served inside! They have a great variety of plates, but of course plates with rice are the speciality. You can choose between seafood paella, valenciana paella, black rice, and a big etcetera! They prepare the rice plates for at least two people so either bring a big stomach or someone to eat with you.

I still remember the first time I went in.  We were all wearing shorts, and I thought they were going to have us banned from the place that looked really nice.  They didn’t, and we had the best meal I have ever tasted! So much that five years later when I went back with my best friend and my mother I was stubborn enough to find the place. At the time I didn’t quite remember it’s location. Now every time we head to Spain, Paella Real is a must!

Most recently, my husband and I have been there for several times.  Usually, we have the seafood paella (picture on the top, yes that is just for two!). It has been delicious everytime. Just make sure you have a huge bottle of water with you later because you will get really thirsty…  We have also had the black rice, which is made with calamary and their ink, super good and heavy!

You can order your paellas as a dish or with a menu which includes three appetizers, drink (water, wine, etc), bread, dessert and coffee. Either way at the end you get a digestive liquor, and the feeling that you won’t need to eat soon again, but a desperate urge to return!

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