The pricy café

My husband repeatedly said, “don’t forget the camera”. He even sent me a facebook message and an email.  I got ready really early… I dressed up in one of the three pairs of jeans that still fit me, put on a shirt whose buttons didn’t pop out, and some sandals to walk comfortably.  I put some make up on, so people wouldn’t think there was a dead woman walking. Finally I got everything needed on my purse… ID, chewing gum, money and of course, my camera?

I called my girlfriend to schedule the lunch time, and she kindly said she would pick me up.  That was nice ’cause I didn’t fill like walking today -given that I lack a car yet.  So, she got here, we popped into the car and happily left to the restaurant.  We had lunch at Café Torino. As soon as we got there, I looked around.  The place looked nice. A guy helped my friend with her baby’s stroller, and we sat comfortably in one of the tables in the upstairs balcony.

We ordered our drinks… two lemonades, my friend’s with some mint (looked weird, but she liked it).  Then we asked for our food.  She had a Manchego cheese and arugula and a steak with porcini mushroom. I only had the the steak, cause I wasn’t that hungry, and it sounded good.

Everything was really tasty, specially the creamy risotto that was served with the steak. While we were eating, it suddenly flashed me, I have to take a photo for my new log! I realized that I had half eaten my plate, but figured it didn’t matter.  So, I opened my purse to get my camera, and it was not there! Damn! I owe you!  When we were done we asked for cappuccinos. Mine was lacking flavor. Finally we asked for the check… I was shocked to see how expensive the meal had been, guess one should ask the price of the off-menu stuff.  The food in the menu was not so pricy, they had lots to choose from, and their specialty is pasta.  They also had a very interesting display of desserts, which we didn’t try.

The service was good at first really attentive.  Then our waiter left for lunch and we were forgotten!

Hopefully I will have a more affordable experience next time…