The fall of an eat-aholic

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So, I have to loose 6 pounds urgently.  I can´t wear most of my clothes.  Every time time I try on some of my jeans I feel like they will explode if I could manage to stay on them for more than two minutes. I’ve been on a diet since January, or at least that is what I like to think.  There is always a good reason to break it! Anyway, I was finally on the right track, and had complied with my diet for about two weeks when I decided to look around different blogs.

Turns out I found a post about weight watchers and stuff on Megy’s blog. I was hoping to find some relieving information on how to comfort yourself while trying to loose weight. Instead I found her own adventure of eating healthy and then not. Similarities with my own dieting life are mere coincidence. At the end, something caught my eye… it was a Southwest Patty Melt from Carl’s Jr! Oh no! I shouldn’t have seen that, ever! From that point on, all that was on my head was a juicy, tasty, greasy Guacamole Bacon Burger.

Well, I made my plan. Of course I didn’t communicate it to my husband, getting him into it without making me feel guilty was part of the plan. I woke up really early on Saturday morning. I was hungry, but drank a super huge glass of water. Then, I went back to bed and fell back as sleep. This is pretty unusual to me, but worked wonders with my plan. I didn´t wake up again until after 11! Awesome and rare! So then, there I was, not having produced breakfast for my husband I had the best excuse … “you know, since we didn’t have breakfast, maybe we should go to Carl’s Jr. I’m really craving one of those things!” He wasn’t very convinced, but after thinking a bit he decided it was a good idea.

So, after what was the fastest shower in my life history, I was happily sitting in the car. We drove to the faraway Cariari Shopping Mall. We got there pretty late for lunch, around 3, so the food court was kind of empty (goody!). I walked in a desperate speed to the counter, and ordered my Guacamole Bacon with onion rings. Then sat in expecting mood on my table. The food wasn’t long before it made it to our table.

Yum yum, I ate my hamburger with excitement. I must confess I ate it slowly, enjoying every single bite. it was tasty, with crispy bacon and some delicous guacamole… (my mouth is getting watery as I write). Glory! That is what the hamburger experience was. I do have to advice everyone to either not expect much of any fried item (fries, onion rings, or criss-cut fries) they are simply the worst I´ve ever tried. This is kind of surprising, given that back in Mexico I used to crave for my criss-cuts with cheddar cheese sauce (plastic but good) and stealing some of my friend’s onion rings. So, if by any chance you are at CR and want a Carl’s Jr burger, buy it there, then go to McDonald’s for your fries!

Anyway, this time I ordered the onion rings, and they were not good.  The onions were too cooked, but ironically the breaded cover was not crispy! It was kind of weird. I’m thinking the oil temperature is not a the point it should be. That is probably why none of the fried goods are tasty.

I stepped on the weigh yesterday morning… I lost a pound last week, even with my super CJ! So, if feeling like it, don’t punish yourself! Eat a yummy thing, just don’t do it everyday! Hope you enjoyed my adventure!

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