Devil’s cake

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Being a food addict, one of my favorite activities is watching food TV programs.  My definite favorites are Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson.  I really don’t know where my fascination for their british accents ends, and where the love of their food begins. One of the recipes that caught my eye instantly was a Devil’s food chocolate cake Nigella made one day.  I had just moved to Costa Rica, and food cravings were at the maximum point given that I was too sad for leaving the place I had lived almost my entire life, my family and my dog!

The cake making process was touching. The view of the cake exciting. The comments of the host inviting.  I decided to make the little devil as soon as possible. My husband inviting a couple of couples from work to dinner was the opportunity I was waiting for! I designed what was a delicious menu… feta cheese and strawberry salad, stuffed steak with mashed potatoes, buttered carrots and roasted asparagus and of course The DESSERT.

I managed to get everything prepared early so I had enough time to make the cake.  I was happy as a child with a huge chocolate icecream! I started creming butter, mixing flour and adding eggs.  I had preheated the oven and gotten the bake pans ready.  I was almost done when I noticed the batter was too thick!

Holy cow! What did I do?!?!?! I was shocked!!!!! NEVER, and I mean NEVER read a recipe while congratulating your best friend on getting engaged! I had added twice the butter! Ha! I baked the cake anyway… I got a rather dusty cake, but it was still good.  So, getting into my tennis shoes I ran to the grocery store and bought everything again.  This time, I did everything to the dot! The results were wonderful! Everyone, including me loved the cake! It is soooo good!  I think is the mixing of the bitter-sweet chocolate in the cake and the frosting with everything else.  Simply heavenly!  Needless to say, what was left over was gone by the next morning.

If you want to try this yummy cake, get to Browse around Nigella’s recipe because for some reason, searching has never worked for me!

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