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Every time we are hungry and have no clue where to go, my husband and I decide to go to a cozy restaurant located in Avenida Escazú, a commercial spot which is really near our house.  We didn’t discover Saga though, our good mexican friends, who had lived here for three years before we arrived, introduced us to it. The first time we went to Saga we had planned to go to the movies.  Hubby insisted we should have dinner first. After buying tickets for The Descendants, we decided to look around the area and select a place where to eat.

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The food court of Avenida Escazú is full of fast-food restaurants, but it also includes a coffee shop and a Sushi place which looks quite fresh.  We then walked outside to the area that is inhabited by serious restaurants. We were walking when Hubby remembered Saga had been praised by his friend. After deciding it might be a good idea to go there, we showed up, without reservation.  Weekdays are really busy at nights, so I would recommend a reservation.  So, we ate there and liked the food and desserts.  We have returned about 5 times since. The very last time, we had attended the opening of a new exhibition at a local furniture store.   Cocktails and food were supposed to be served, but eating fried food from a stick has never been our thing.  So, we left.  As soon as we were on the car Hubby said… should we go have dinner? Of course I said… Ummm I wonder where we should go said he with a smile. Off we drove.

We were soon at Saga. We sat on a table near the door, and ordered our drinks. I had a pineapple smoothy with basil. I had never tried something like it before, the taste was kind of sweet. We ordered a salmon skin sushi roll as an appetizer.  The taste was really good, the skin felt crunchy. It was smooth and delicious.  After the sushi, we got our entreés…


My husband asked for a Sandwich de Lomito. Lomito is a tenderloing cut. The meat was cooked exactly how my husband had asked for. The sautéed onions had a special taste that enhanced the meat. French fries were served with the sandwich. They had that perfect cook that lives a crispy feeling on the outside but softness on the inside.

Pechuga a la Catalana was my request. Hubby had had it before, and it looked too good to be true.  The chicken is covered with tortilla chips pieces, in a breaded-style form. It is then fried and covered with a red sauce. It is served with a potato and cheese pie and some vegetable.  The texture in the chicken is different, which in my opinion makes it really interesting. The sauce has a taste which is maddening.  The  potato and cheese pie was really tasty, with the potatoes just cooked which gave it not only a good taste, but a lovely look.  The vegetables were a bit to raw for me, but was not the end of the world. In all, the dish was really good. Unfortunately, when we were done, our stomachs were so full we couldn’t have a dessert. A really sad event since they have some of the best sweets in town. Next time will be it I guess. The service was really good that night. I do however must tell you that if the owner is not at the restaurant, it gets really slow. Actually, it gets so slow and they pay so little attention to you that I think people could actually leave with out paying the check, and they wouldn’t notice for hours! Something to work on! The food is really worth it, so if you come to San José, don´t miss Saga.
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