Hi! I’m a Mexican girl who has been happily married for almost four years now.  I don’t like to fit in stereotypes, so I didn’t get married when I was just out of college, I don’t have kids yet (although my parents are dying for grandchildren) and unlike most of my friends I’m studying a PhD.

One of the things I most love about life is all the different things we can eat.  I have no problem in adding some pounds, but as soon as my fat-ass jeans don’t fit so well I go to a slimming program just to regain the weight later again! I am usually not afraid to trying new dishes, and my husband and I try to eat everything that is classic on the place we are visiting.  We even once tried fried pig ears! It was totally gross, but we didn’t miss the chance…

We just moved to Costa Rica a few months ago because of work, so I am getting to know new places and of course restaurants! I hope you like the reviews and leave comments and suggest anything you think I’ll like to try.  I enjoy cooking, and actually think that was my true calling, so I’ll share some recipes as well and even photos of the process and outcome… I will critique my own food as well!

So, I hope you have fun reading about my eating life! As they say here… Pura Vida!

21 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hola! Gracias for visiting my blog (God’s Healing Plants) and for your support. I hope you check in often as I will keep posting things for your well-being and healthy eating life style. Bendiciones!

  2. We lived in Costa Rica and I still visit from time to time. Our favorite condiment in Costa Rica is Salsa Lizano!!!

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