Burgers and surprises


It was a cool Saturday morning in Portland. My English roomie asked if I had plans for the day. I didn’t, so she invited to what she called an eating adventure. I was totally in, given that she is an absolute foodie just like me. You must be thinking now that all my friends are foodies… I think you are probably right.

We hoped on a bus and started our way downtown. It took us about 30 minutes to get there. Once off the bus, we started walking around. Turns out my friend didn’t have the exact address of the place. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before we got to the Little Big Burger, located at the Pearl District.  The place was packed. So, I thought the food was going to be delicious. I was not wrong.

The menu is not extensive at all… it includes three different types of burgers and fries. I think that is partly why they are so good, they are completely specialized. Now, the restaurant’s name is Little Big Burger… but that doesn’t mean the food is a little to big. In fact, I found the size of the burger a bit disappointing. As most of you may now by now, I like to eat. The taste however made me think not of the size but the flavor.  I think there is some kind of secret ingredient on the meat, because it was really good. Plus, the way in which they are cooked left a tasty char flavor on parts of the meat… yum yum!

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The fries were the best I’ve ever tried. They were crunchy, tasty, salty… just a dream come true! I was even giving it a thought of buying an extra order.  However, my friend said that she had a surprise for me. I was kind of excited about the surprise. After finishing our food, we started walking and walking and walking. I was so tired I was ready to quit on the surprise when we had to cross the highway. My friend laughed at me… it’s just across the street she said.

We kept walking… Look, she said, as she pointed to beautiful and colorful houses. That is the surprise! I was shocked! I had seen them since about a month ago… I think she saw my annoyed faced, so she rapidly stated we were just around the corner.  We got to a little place near 23rd street where you can get the best cupcakes in town!

Saint cupcake bakery is really what a saint’s place ought to be. It was full of sugary treats that were just so nice that made you confused as to what to order.  This place was, of course, packed too. We waited for a few minutes and ordered our cupcakes. I asked for the carrot cupcake while my friend had a chocolate one. They were both so pretty it was almost sad to bite them. The butter cream frosting was high enough to make a mess, so we were careful.


My cupcake was fluffy, soft, sweet and very carroty. It tasted like heaven. The creamcheese-butter cream topping was also delicious, although I felt like it was too much.  I ate it any way.  My friends was also really good. I couldn’t help but steal a bit of it. The chocolate was sweet, but it still had something that made it different.

All in all, I think it was good we walked so much… I at least burned some of the thousands of calories…

©mylunchanddinner 2012

A little place close to heaven, part 1


I feel like it’s been a long time since I wrote something! I have been really busy with my PhD things, plus there was a Holiday in Costa Rica, so I was distracted by the good looks of Hubby…

Today, I will let you into the wonderful world located in a small café located in North-East Portland.  I first met this place thanks to my Mexican friend who adores to look for new places to eat. She is such a foodie, just like me. I think that is why we became instant friends the day we met. Anyway, on the day I first met here husband she had brought a printout of a place she had found on the internet.

We went there after lunch to get some yummy dessert since she said the place was perfect for sweets. Turns out the place was perfect for sweets, breakfast, lunch and just having a food ecstasy. I went there so many times that the waiters and waitresses knew me, and one of my dearest PDX’ friends liked to say it was “my place”. They even jokingly said: where did she go for lunch this weekend? I guess she went to La Petite Provence. They all still say that every time they visit my place they remember me, and even the Mexican waitress asks for me!

La Petite has four locations in Oregon, but I always went to the one located in Alberta St. This place was within a 15 minute walk from my house, which was good for two reasons. On the one hand, it was near enough that I could go often without paying for any transportation and on the other hand I felt like I was exercising myself and I had the right to eat anything I wanted. The combined result of this last idea with my constant visits to the place of course lead to the gain of 4 pounds in two months, but who cares?

On my first visit, I had a blueberry tart which was super delicious. Unfortunately, since it was the first time I saw my friend’s husband I didn’t take a photo. I can tell you however, that the taste was the best! While sitting on my table, I had a look at everything they were serving, so I decided I would go soon to have some breakfast.

I convinced my English roommate to accompany me on the Petite breakfast adventure.  We arrived at a very busy hour, so we had to wait for 45 minutes to get a table! It was a terrible wait, but it was totally worth it. Our table was on the mezzanine, which gave us a nice look to all the tables downstairs. We were looking at the plates and reading the menus to see what everything was. My friend finally decided on Brie Sausage Scramble while I asked for the Risotto Cakes and Eggs. As if the food was not enough, you can ask for croissant, sour dough bread or toast with jam. We both ordered croissants.

I didn’t get to try my friend’s food, but she said it was really tasty. She emphasized on the fact that the eggs were served over a piece of bread which was humidified with the juices of the egg which made it really good.  Her plate had potatoes and butter squash as compliments, which she said were really good.


As for my Risotto Cakes and Eggs… what can I tell you? A year after I still remember them. My grief is such that I constantly tell my husband we should go to Portland. He makes fun of me saying I only want to go there to eat. The cakes were made with risotto, of course, bacon, asparagus and cream. The patties were fried to gain color and then placed in the oven. They were served with benedict eggs on top. Now, you have to know I HATE benedict eggs and their general look. However, this eggs over this risotto cakes are something else. The look delightful, the smell enchanting, the taste sublime. I have never ever in my life had a breakfast as tasty as this. Perhaps the reason why I constantly returned to eat them, any time… The risotto cakes were served with potatoes and butter squash. Given the fact that I dislike butter squash I changed both for hash browns… they were not only tasty but crunchy! Mmmm, my mouth is getting watery and more watery by the word.

Oh! I almost forgot! We got our croissants before the food came. They were freshly made and hot from the oven! They tasted really nice, and the strawberry jam with which they were served was really something. Yum yum! I dream of La petite provence!

I’ll tell you all about other food served in this place later, I promise. On the mean time I hope you enjoyed this story =).

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Keeping it weird… weirdly delicious!

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Portlanders state their city is the weirdest of all.  They even have a huge wall asking to “Keep it weird!”. Truth to be told, this city looked quite weird while I lived there for some  short three months.  There were bikers all over town with a specialized lane for them! I saw very few fast food restaurants, everyone eats organic, there are a bunch of vegans (which in my opinion is either too hard to do so they must have some sort of circulatory illness or they are absolutely nuts, not actually I’m just a meat lover don’t get mad), and there is a longer list…

Mostly what I can state is that all the people I met there were absolutely something special!! And of course, as you must know by now, if you have read my posts (if not go read them!!! haha), I found more than one superspecial place to eat superspecial food.  One of my definite favorite, the Red Star’s Tavern, was located in the corner of SW Alder St and SW 5th. Everything was great, from the decoration, to the friendliness of the staff to the delicious food.

Needless to say, while I was there I ate there more times than I can say.  I must confess most of the times I went there I ate the burger that you can see here! Mmmm my mouth is getting watery as I write! The reason for not changing plate? It tasted soooo good, that I thought I’m here for a limited time. I don’t know when I’ll be back, so I should better eat as much heavenly burgers as I can!It was such a good thing! It was an 8 oz meat with bacon marmalade and blue cheese.  It had crispy lettuce and fresh tomatoes.  It was served with fries, mashed potatoes or green salad.  I usually treated my self with fries, given that since I walked too much I felt I deserved it!

I usually drank either a soda or a yummy green tea that had some other type of herb that made it sweet without adding sugar.  It was always tasty and super hot, which helped digest the huge meal that I took there!

The staff was always great! Super nice, gentle and fast! If you are ever in Portland, don’t miss this fab place!

© mylunchanddinner 2012