Let’s tango!

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Being from a place where chargrilled meat is the typical dish, getting invited for lunch to a place where you will be able to eat a big steak is a dream! Thus, when hubby asked me on a date to Terruño’s I happily accepted.  Getting to the place which is in Plaza Itzkazu was easy, but getting a parking spot was something different.  The place was completely full! Of course the plaza is full of Spanish, American (Hooters and Outback), an Italian Gelato shop (which I’ll review later) and some “Mexican” places (I hope I never try) it was no wonder.

Terruño’s is nicely decorated with Argentinian-style photos, some featuring tango dancers.  They have a bar that in addition to drinks serves the regular menu and a terrace where we so excitedly seated.  The servers were at all times really polite and attentive.  We ordered our drinks, and then put our eye on the menu.  We ordered some beef empanadas, a classic Argentinan appetizer, which was served with chimichurri (olive oil with herbs). Simply magical!

Once done devouring the empanaditas, I was shocked to see our food. (Hubby had been there, so no shock for him). I actually believe this is the restaurant that has the meat that resembles the most the juicy savory cuts served in Argentina (which I had the opportunity to taste on a trip to Buenos Aires with my parents a few years ago). My meat was so big that I think my eyes sparkled! Needless to say, it was even better than the appetizers! I had no space left on my stomach for dessert though.  Anyway, the fries were really crispy and the salad super fresh.

So if you are ever in Costa Rica, but crave for Argentina… Terruño’s is your choice!

PS. When I was done with my drink, I wanted a coca-cola type of thing. The waiter suggested a Fanta-kolita… If you ever come to CR or any place that serves it, don’t ask for it! Tastes like cold & cough medicine!

© mylunchanddinner 2012