Strawberry fields… forever

It was an early Saturday morning. We were sitting on the kitchen table having breakfast and enjoying the view. I had not made plans for the weekend, so there was no clue as to what activity to do. Hubby then came to realize that the mountain right across our sight had no clouds over it. “I think today would be the perfect time to visit the Poas,” he said. After Mom and Dad’s visit, we had learned that one of the mountains we could see from our house was in fact Poas Volcano. I had never paid attention or looked at a map to feel oriented at my house. Dad, however, was a different story. He sat for long ours at the kitchen table and observed the mountains. He came to the conclusion one day and told us about it.


I looked ahead. I could see the volcano for the first time in months. “It might be a good idea,” I said, “let’s get ready.” It wasn’t long before we were heading our way. We had tried to see him for several times. When we got to the toll booth the girl would say the crater was closed by clouds, so we would go back home, not without stopping on a delicious place.  This time was different. There was a lot of sun, and the girl was smiling to everyone while handing the tickets.

We were happy to now that having our resident ID’s we could now get a 90% off price given to Ticos and residents. Then, drove to the top, or at least closed to it. After parking the car, we started walking on a small trail that lead to the volcano’s crater.  It is definitely beautiful with a turquoise lagoon and fuming spot. We took photos and then followed the hiking trail to a lagoon that used to be a secondary crater. The place was absolutely gorgeous. It was also inviting to dive on it. However that is strictly forbidden, I guess the water’s composition is the main reason. The lagoon was surrounded by trees and plants, and one could even see small animals around.


The walk was exhausting. One had to go up to get to the crater, and given that I had not exercised in a long time, I was really tired. Plus there is the altitude change that makes oxygen’s concentration in the air drop. The sun was heavy too. Ok, maybe this are all excuses to get to the point. After my visit, I was as always starving! We decided to go to a place that we had met earlier, Freddo Fresas, a lovely restaurant whose beverage speciality is a strawberry shake made with fresh strawberries from the fields on the mid slope of the Poas.


I haven’t seen the strawberry fields which lie on the slope of the Volcano. However, I have seen the huge strawberries, but even better, I am witness of their sweet flavor. It is also very encouraging for me to get them because they last so much longer than the ones I get on the grocery store. Of course, they have just been harvested, and that is the main reason for this.  So, I encourage you to go to farmer’s market any time you can, or even to places where you can harvest your own.


After getting to the place, I ordered the strawberry shake blended with water, as I was trying not to gain too much weight (which you all know didn’t happen). Hubby requested a pineapple fresco. They were both good, I must say. However, mine was way better. The taste was sublime. I blame it all on the rich fresh strawberries.

We then ordered our food. Grilled chicken breast for me and chicken casado for Hubby. Casado is a traditional lunch plate which combines white rice, beans, lettuce salad, fried plantain and a meat. I apologize for the lack of photo, but I was so hungry I just photographed mine. I can tell you, though, that his food was delicious. I tried everything, except for the plantain. My dish was super good. The salad was crispy and fresh while the vegetables were just cooked, steamy and tasty. The chicken had a special flavor that made it really special.  All in all, I thing Freddo Fresas is a marvelous place to eat, plus it is not that expensive! Don’t forget to try the strawberry shake!!

©mylunchandinner 2012


3 thoughts on “Strawberry fields… forever

  1. What an interesting trip, combining volcano and strawberries. That sounds as good as it can get. I just love strawberry, and I tend to be picky. If they are important from long distances, they just aren’t tasting very much. So yes, I need to go to the local market to get my strawberries, which also means only strawberries for me during the local season.

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