Birthday feast, part 2


After eating such a big breakfast, we couldn’t go back home. That would have meant that we’d probably fall asleep watching TV having our stomach’s so full. Instead we decided to go to the only two stores that were opened.  Our first stop was at EPA, which is the Costarican Home Depot.  I had asked Hubby to take to get some seed to grow herbs for along time.  It is always hard to find the right amount of fresh basil or thyme.  they usually sell about half a pound at the grocery store, and since one can never know how long it has been there, I usually think they are not that fresh anymore.  Then you have the Farmer’s market, when they usually lack some of the most uncommon herbs.

Well, we got there and went to the plant nursery. I found a bunch of seeds what I wanted to get, but Hubby said we should limit it to three or four given I usually am a plant killer, and it would be better to grow a few plants with success before going for a complete greenhouse. So we got basil, thyme, arugula and hot chili (I can only hope they are actually hot). Additionally I had some raw peas that were starting to grow roots, so I planted two of these seeds as well.


We finally got home. I checked my facebook and responded to a bunch of message. Then I talked to one of my bestfriends using skype. I always say technology can be such a good and bad thing. On one side it can help you get near your loved ones when you are faraway, but on the other one gets do dependent upon it, that if the power is gone, for any reason, one feels totally lost!


Anyway… the second part of my Bday feast was near.  Very few restaurants were opened, so I chose what I thought was the best choice: the Italian restaurant an the Intercontinental Hotel. I think it was an excellent choice.  We got there at around 2 pm. Walking with our friends, to get seated we were all talking, or more like complaining, of everything being closed.  It is strange for the four of us, all coming from Mexico. On our homecities, there is always a ton of choices of places to eat on Holy week, given that everything is open.  But, what definitely was bothering us more was the fact that no alcohol beverage is sold from Thursday to Sunday because they are Holy days.  We are not heavy drinker. Hubby doesn’t drink at all.  However, we are aware that there are people who are not Catholic or even Christian. Why are they forced to give up cocktails? Even worse, for those who come from foreign countries to enjoy the Holidays… what if they want to have a glass of wine with dinner? We find it shocking and unfair!

Well… it doesn’t matter how shocked we are, things will remain the same here. So, let’s move to the interesting part… our food.  We all ordered our drinks, fresco which are “natural” made drinks.  In this particular case, the drinks were not natural, but made of concentrate.  Everyone was happy with their drink but me. My passionfruit fresco was extremely sweet and undrinkable.  The waitress nicely agreed to change it.


We were then served with appetizers on the house. Melba toast with roquefort and cream cheese decorated with a walnut and green and purple olives. All delicious, though my girlfriend found it a bit strong.  We then ordered our food. Alfredo fettucini, the house specialty for me, seafood risotto for Hubby, chicken in wild mushroom fungi crust for my friend and red spaghetti for her husband.

My fettucini was sublime! Cooked at the exact al dente and having the sauce made at the table by mixing parmesan cheese with hot water. The plate is traditionally served with gold spoon and fork for luck. So, I was handed with a pair of yellow tools. The taste of my pasta was so good I didn’t want to share even a tiny bit with Hubby. I did however, I can’t be so bad, specially since I wanted to try his risotto which was good, but not something to die for.  My friend’s dish looked really good. However, she complained that the risotto that was served as a side was too salty. Even her husband said it was.  About his red spaghetti, he was really happy and said it was quite tasty.


We finally ordered a tiramisu for dessert.  We had been brought one before, which was for another table. The look of the glass with all the cream, cookies and coffee was so good that my friend wanted to eat some.  We decided to share, since we still had cake to go to. It was the biggest disappointment ever. The cream which was supposed to be mainly mascarpone cheese had no cheese at all, so as a result it felt too greasy. The coffee soaked cookies had a nice taste, but they were too few and buried in so much cream that they were hard to get to. As a result, we left about half of the tiramisu.

This was a sad end to a happy lunch, however we left with the inviting thought of the birthday cake…

©mylunchanddinner 2012


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