Mazel tov!

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I have no idea if my title is spelled correctly! What I do know is that I have found the best Middle East food restaurant in a small placed called Little Israel. The place is located in Plaza los Laureles, the same places that hosts Sushi House, Subway and a bunch of other restaurants and businesses.

The restaurant is really basic, and the walls are decorated with big photographs of emblematic sites in Israel. Right next door they have a small grocery store where you can get all kinds of kosher ingredients. Everything is fresh, and I have found interesting stuff, of course I’m not jewish so it’s all new for me!

We found this little place early in our stay here. We have really grown fond of the owners, but mores specially with the food. We have tasted a bunch of their plates. One of our favorites is the falafel sandwich which is served on pita bread with hummus and salad. However, the last time we went, we decided on trying something new. So, we asked for an appetizer plate each that was made out of: baba ganoush, hummus, falafel, kibbe balls, stuffed grape leaves and stuffed cabbage leaves with red sauce. We complimented our order with a side order of tabule and pita bread.

While waiting for our food, we were happily sitting at our table when suddenly we heard the sounds of the kibbe and falafel getting cooked in hot oil. The smell was really good, so we got all excited.  It was not long before we both got our food. Everything was fresh and tasty. What I liked the best were the kibbe balls. The taste of the meat inside was really good and the crust was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.


The tabule enhanced everything. We did have to add some lemon juice to make it better for our taste, but keep in mind in Mexico we add lemon juice to everything. Everything was excellent… except for a small plate of rice we asked for as side order too… it was microwaved, and not just made. I do understand that because we were the only customer making a small cup of rice made no sense, but I do believe it would be better to advice the customer that rice is only served at lunch, which is when its just made. We did tell the owner about the rice issue, and he said he would look into it. Then he gave us a package of pita bread we were going to get for free as an apology. I was kind of embarrassed, but he he said the embarrassment should be all his.

All in all, the balance always tends toward the excellence of the place, so it is highly recommended!

©mylunchanddinner 2012

5 thoughts on “Mazel tov!

  1. Interestingly, it’s the Jewish Passover and Feast of unleavened bread in a couple of days! I must confess I thought I was a foodie until I encountered your blog! You win the foodie award (if there is one) hands down! Nice post as always.

  2. We just discovered our first Lebanese restaurant in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach, California. Great food and service at very reasonable prices.

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