The Airplane

It was our first night at Manuel Antonio on the trip we made with my parents. After a day at the beach, I was, as usual, hungry. The immediate suggestion was a place I had fallen in love with the first time we went to the park.  Located on the high side of a cliff, with a lovely view of the beach and the jungle, is El Avión (airplane).

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The name of the restaurant is to be taken literally. The place is a wooden palapa built around a plane that was once used in what  was known as an obscure history including an illegal operation by CIA… you can read all about this here. Today, the plane hosts a bar inside and gives the core for a lovely restaurant. If you get the chance to seat in one of the tables at the end of the palapa, you have a wonderful view.  This is specially good around 6 when views of the sunset will leave you without words.


Without words you’ll be also after trying their food! We got there at a busy time, but didn’t care much. We got sited and immediately ordered our drinks. Mom and dad asked for a bottle of red wine and Hubby and I just asked for a Coke. We then moved to our food. Dad and I asked for rice with seafood, Mom had a seafood platter and Hubby asked for a tuna sandwich. Now, rice main courses are really common in Costa Rica. It is something you should definitely try if you are here.  Of course the main thing is the rice, but they are prepared on a paella-like form that makes them really tasty.

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After a while, we received our food. The tuna sandwich was really good, I shall know for a stole a bite. Hubby also said he enjoyed the flavors. Mom was enchanted by her seafood platter. It was served with a lovely sauce and some white rice. As for the rice and seafood, it was sublime! The rice was cooked really well and was full with all kinds of seafood, except octopus which I hate. The taste was really good with just the right amount of spices and it was so steamy that on was completely sure it was freshly made. All and all we were really happy with our results =)…

A few days later, Hubby and I returned for a second round of Plane Food, definitely not plain though. In this second visit, we had as an appetizer some fish fingers. I cannot finish to explain to you their taste. It is definitely the best fried fish I’ve ever had. They were served with an equally good bluecheese dressing. As a main course, I had the fettuccine with seafood while my husband ordered the rice. They were both super delicious. The fettuccine had a light white sauce that enhanced flavor. The rice was as good as the one ordered before.

© mylunchanddinner

This airplane is really something!

© mylunchanddinner

PS. If you go to have lunch/dinner around 5-ish, you have a high probability of encountering with some lovely visitors… cappuccino monkeys! It is quite a spectacle!! Just don’t feed them… it is illegal and really dangerous for the animals.

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