Fish, chips and fat burgers!

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London is one of my favorite places. I love the way in which time schedules are full filled, the order, and all the beautiful sights one can see. I have always thought that would be the best place in the world for Hubby to live. He is really methodic and organized. He likes things to be done right at the first time, and for things go as planned.  It that sense, London is the best place for him… He has even stated he would love it there!

We have been there a couple of times, and one of the places we love to eat it is a small restaurant near Paddington Station. I really don’t remember how we came to enter the Dickens Tavern, but I do recall the friendly staff. We sat on a table near the bar and immediately browsed the menu. We asked for our drinks which were brought fast and cold.

© mylunchanddinner

We then proceeded to order our food. Hubby asked for a burger and I ordered the traditional fish and chips. We were so happily talking about our trip and our plans for the next day that we didn’t feel time gone by and felt the food was brought really fast. Hubby’s eyes sparkled as he saw his plate. It was definitely one of the biggest hamburgers I’ve ever seen! Meat, cheese, onion rings (not in the photo because they had just been devoured) and fried egg served on a bun with lettuce and tomato (as if two tiny items make it healthy!) and chips on the side, which he generously covered with ketchup. He was so happy with his food he almost didn’t talk until he was done.

As for my fish and chips the sight of the plate was encouraging. A large fish fillet breaded with a beer-flour combinations, served with a bunch of chips, peas (peas? I am still wondering why is that English food is always served with them) a super delicious tartar sauce and a grilled lemon. Yes, a grilled lemon! It tasted just like regular lemon, but it looked awfully cute! The taste was really good. I loved it! The fried fish cover was really tasty and the peas had a lovely taste. Covering the chips with lemon made them enhance their flavor! Yum! (covering almost everything with lemon is a very Mexican thing)

If you ever hungry in London, visit the Dickens Tavern located in 25 London St, just steps way the Paddington Station.

©Mylunchanddiner 2012

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