Eating near the jungle and beach

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Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica’s National Parks. It is small, compared to other immense areas. The best of these parks is they are all covered by virgin or second generation vegetation and full with all kind of beautiful animals. Manuel Antonio is definitely my favorite. Being so small, the animals are used to human invaders. Monkeys are known to be thieves that come to steal your food from your bags. Thus, everyone has to be very careful with their belongings. Not that loosing an orange is terrible thing, but sometimes the animals are not used to some of the food they take (or worse, given by irresponsible people) and they get sick or even worse, die… So keeping our food away from animals, the experience of looking at them getting so close to us is wonderful!

Equally wonderful… eating near the park! A few steps away from the entrance and across the beach Hubby and I found something that caught our eye. It was one of those “beachy” restaurants, named after a really good fish, Marlin’s Restaurant. The place was packed, so we figured it might be a good idea to try it.

As soon as we were sitting, one of the waiters came to take our order. We asked for some water since the intense heat had us really thirsty. We then took a look at the menu. As an appetizer we ordered some nachos. As a main course, we both asked for the same thing fish filet with butter and garlic sauce and steamed vegetables.

The nachos didn’t take too long before they were on the table. When they set both plates, we were kind of surprised. We had never

© Mylunchanddinner 2012

been served the chips on one plate and the other ingredients on another. It turns out, it is really a good idea because in this way the chips are crunchy in every bite. The toppings included grounded black beans, lettuce, tomato and sour cream. The plate looked so beautiful that it was almost saddening to eat through. Needless to say, the nachos were awesome!

With excellent timing, and once we were done, the fish arrived. It was served with the vegetables on the side and two small potatoes with fried plantain as decor. It looked lovely, tasted even better. The sauce was light and tasty, the vegetables were just cooked, and the potatoes, being one of my favorite ingredients, were soft and just moistened with a bit butter.

After eating all these food, we had no space for dessert! I hope you can all visit Manuel Antonio when you visit Costa Rica, and have lunch at Marlin’s!

© mylunchanddinner 2012