Italian jewel!

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We had just arrived to Rome. We were staying at a convent near enough to the places we wanted to visit, but at the right distance from the turisty areas which gave us a chance to try the good Italian food. We were starving, so we decided a lunch-dinner activity was appropriate.

Heading to the doorsteps, we bumped with the Superior Nun. She was about to give the door keys to my husband when she seriously said: “You can come back at any time you want. Don’t tell anyone I gave you a key (the place rents rooms to catholic families who are visiting Rome, but it is also a residence for high school girls). She then placed the keys on his hand, and still holding them she said, “And by anytime, I do mean before dawn”.

We left with a serious face, just to burst into laughter once out.  Because of the lecturing, we didn’t ask hot to get to the tram, so we decided to walk around.  We walked on the wrong direction. We didn’t find the tram, or a single bus in about an hour’s walk. Hubby was really mad. We continued walking and walking and walking. Since the starvation feeling was growing exponentially in my stomach, at every sight of  a restaurant I would say… here! With no answer. I’m not sure what he was hoping to find… the Colesseum? Vatican City? perhaps the Piazza del Popolo? Who cared! I just wanted to eat!!!

After a while, we decided on the last restaurant we had set eyes on. It was Ristorante di Bruno, a small family owned restaurant that also sells delicatessen. We sat down. Hubby really mad (because of starvation) and me just starving. We ordered some pasta; linguine with wild mushrooms for me; fettucini with tomato and shrimpo for him.

© mylunchanddinner

The taste of both dishes was sublime! The pasta was cooked al dente, which I love. The wild mushrooms in my plate were also cooked to the exact point, and the fresh spices added an exquisite touch. Hubby’s pasta was just as good. I can still remember the light taste of the shrimp in the tomato sauce. The pieces of fresh tomato gave and added look. It was just like telling us everything had just been made with recently harvested goods.

The experience was extremely tasteful. However it was not completely satisfying. I blame it on the long hours since our last meal. We decided on asking for a pizza! We ordered a hot pepperoni and cheese one. I cannot finish to explain the taste of the best pizza I have ever had! The fresh tomato and basil used for the base was magical. The mozzarella made a layer that blended with the base with unimaginable greatness. But the spicy pepperoni… oh the pepperoni! It was just sliced before being placed on the pizza which gave it an extra hot flavor, produced by peppercorns. It was a house blend, which made it even more special. A heavenly experience!

I do have to point out, we had just eaten pasta, which makes the pizza even better since we were not that hungry anymore. Thus it’s taste was something else!

Whenever in Rome, visit di Bruno… located at: Via Fonteiana 47. By the way, there is a bus that runs just by the restaurant, we just didn’t see it until after lunch since it was a Sunday!

© mylunchanddinner 2012


9 thoughts on “Italian jewel!

  1. Haha, did you make it back before dawn? Or did the Mother Superior have to give you a lecture? Sounds like you had a fantastic trip and those dishes sound amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • We got back early, the next day we had to be before 7 am at the Vatican city… we did get late other days, but walked so carefully we didn’t wake a soul! thanx for your comments and for visiting my blog as well

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