The Corn House

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One of the first restaurants I visited when arrived to San José was La Casona del Maíz, spanish for the Big House of Corn. I was invited for lunch by my husband who had had lunch there on several occasions and he wanted me to try the food there.

When getting there, I was charmed by the hugh plant nursery which is just across the place. It looks like a park, actually. They have lots of plants, flowers, small trees and even some rock made benches and other decoration.

The restaurant is a palapa-like building with no walls. The roof is made of metal sheets. They have picnic tables which are not the most comfortable thing. They also have a huge cart which used to be the means of transport for coffee beans and other crops. They actually still use those nowadays in some parts of Costa Rica, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, otherwise I wouldn’t believe it. Anyway, if you’d like to see some of this carts (they are beautifully crafted) click here.

© mylunchanddinner

So going back to my lunch… we ordered our drinks. I asked for tamarind drink while my husband asked for horchata. The tamarind drink was super good! Made with fresh tamarind, water and some sugar, the drink has a bitter-sweet taste that is difficult to forget. As for the horchata, which is a drink made with rice,milk, vanilla, cinnamon, water and some personal ingredients everyone adds. I personally find the taste really bad. Hubby, however, loves it!

After they brought our drinks, we ordered our food. I asked for beef filet with mushroom. Hubby ordered Turrialba beef filet, which is the same meat but completely covered with cheese. Both plates were served with white rice, black beans and green plantain ceviche.

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Before receiving our food, we were presented with a chayote (kind of squash) and corn broth. We were very happy for two reasons… first we were starving, and second it was free! Who doesn’t like free stuff? The broth was light and tasty. When we were done, our food arrived. As I saw the plates, I felt kind of sad I didn’t ask for the cheesy filet. The mushroom sauce of my meat was good though, but the taste had something that made it kind of tiresome. The rice was well cooked, and the beans had a really special flavor. What really surprised me though, was the plantain ceviche. I really have never liked plantain, it kind of disgusts me. However the ceviche was really tasty.  I think that what made it so good was the fact that it was still not ripe.

I did taste my husband’s food, and I think it was so much better than mine.  Of course, anything that has cheese, or more fat forthat matter, is always tastier.  So, I would recommend the Turrialba steak better! As for dessert,  we ordered passion fruit ice-cream. It was really delicious, but I am a passion-fruit lover, so I might be just a little biased.

So whenever you come to visit CR, don´t forget La Casona del Maiz. By the way, the place is located in Alajuela.

Take care!

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9 thoughts on “The Corn House

  1. This actually looks very interesting. I love that they served foods on banana leaves. When I was growing up in Thailand, they used banana leaves to make food containers.

    • I will google about the food containers… In southern Mexico they use them to make packets over tamales. I think is interesting to see how one same ingredient is used so differently in every culture.

  2. Oh my. This makes me miss Mexican food. I used to live in Mexico and have fallen in love with south american-style cooking. I love horchata too!

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