The Jamie Oliver Challenge

As some of you must know, I love to watch food TV shows.  One of my favorite cooks is Jamie Oliver. I love everything about his programs, the food, the places where the shows are shot, how he makes everything look easy and a huge etc! I must confess what I love the most is his british accent. Every time he says brilliant or fantastic it’s sublime!

After fighting against it, my husband finally accepted my love for Jamie. Then, after listening to my continuous comments about feeling intrigued with the 30-minute meals, he arrived home with the book! It’s kind of funny to read it though because it has been translated to spanish… not Mexican spanish, but Spanish-spanish, so there are a few ingredients and procedures that are in whole different words. It is understandable though.

Giving a bit of thought, and influenced with by the Julie and Julia movie, I decided to challenge myself with cooking Jamie’s recipes and then talking about it with you. I hope you enjoy my stories as closely as I will enjoy the food! So starting tomorrow, I’ll publish every wednesday about my Jamie experience!

Hope you follow my adventures!

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4 thoughts on “The Jamie Oliver Challenge

  1. I love Jamie Oliver recipes too! Will be interested to see how your 30 minute meal recipes turn out as I havent tried many. Ive written a few posts about some Jamie recipes Ive tried and one of his restaurants.

  2. I know people always joke that British people live really close to each other, but I did grow up in the next town to Jamie Oliver and went to his parents pub/restaurant before he was famous. I also saw that you are using the style of Julie Julia – I loved that film!! Great idea for blog posts!!

    • Mmm I kind of envy you a little at the moment. That must have been some good food. I was looking at an interview he gave the other day, and he said he has been cooking since he was 8, so maybe he helped prepare something?

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