Eating at a coffee plantation

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It was one of those Saturdays in which you have nothing to do. My husband thought it would be a good idea to go check the Orosí Valley.  It didn’t sound very promising; after all, he didn’t even know what was there to see! What made the whole idea sound better was the memory of a casual talk with some Tico friends.  The wife said, “You can have lunch in the middle of coffee platations, the weather is exceptional”.

I grabbed by coat, my umbrella and tennis shoes, and we both climbed to the car. Since we had been in Costa Rica for a very short time, we looked for the way to get there in the blackberry’s google maps app.  We drove happily across Cartago, looking at the ruins of an old church and then passed by an enormous basilica, house of the Vírgen de los Ángeles, patroness of the ticos.  I got some shots with my camera as we drove by.  We then followed the street, gave a turn, and suddenly the regular street turned into stone and dirt streets.  We were a bit worried, but figured google is never wrong, so Hubby kept driving.  Beautiful sights were everywhere. We finally got to a river cross with… no bridge! Turns out last year the bridge was torn down by the massive water flow because of the rainy season. Off we went, but given that I had already googled where two eat, we went another way around.

So, we followed the longer path, all with paved streets.  We say some waterfalls, drove around the Cachí dam, and since we were not all that hungry kept driving to Orosí, which is a super small town with nothing but the oldest church ever built in the country (beautiful by the way). After checking around the town, we drove back to the place with some of the best food I have tried in Costa Rica! The restaurant called Casona del Cafetal (the coffee big house)is located in the middle of a coffee plantation and just a few meters (feet) away the Cachí dam, which gives the place a wonderful view.

© mylunchanddinner

© mylunchandinner

We were greeted by a lovely staff, and we sat down on one of the tables with the best views ever.  We ordered our drinks and immediately appetizers.  We both had the same food al along, Hubby sometimes is not very original (haha, I bet he won’t like that comment). Anyways… the appetizer, sopa negra (black soup) is a typical Costarican dish  made with black beans, spices and bacon and boiled egg. It was extremely good, actually the best I’ve had so far. We then followed to churrasco, which is kind of like a steak. It was served with buttered potatoes and plantain preserve.  Know, plantains are very far from being something I like.  They are kind of the father of the bananas because they are big, and their taste is not of my licking.  However, this preserve was super good! Highly recommend! So everything was really good until this moment… what happened next was sublime!

Since you are eating in the middle of a coffee plantation, it is only smart to think that some of the things the place serves is made with coffee.  They do! I am telling, if you come to Costa Rica, you have got to try the coffee flan! Served with some lovely coffee beans on the top, this delicious dessert transports you to the sweet heaven every bite you take!

So, if you are ever in Costa Rica, don’t forget to take a look at the Orosí Valley and have lunch at the Casona del Cafetal!

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7 thoughts on “Eating at a coffee plantation

  1. omg i would love to eat in a coffee plantation. i think i’d get a bit crazy from just the smell that must surround you. the coffee flan looks delicious!
    Thanks for sharing your experience

  2. I attended a beautiful wedding at the Casona del Cafetal last year and it was a fantastic time. They served freshly ground coffee to all that attended and the food and service was exceptional. The only coffee smell was the fresh coffee that they were serving using a small sieve with freshly ground coffee over a cup that they poured hot water over… If you are looking for a unique wedding location this place is tops.

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